23 Oct

Quarterly Event



Your Mentors

Young Ho Kim
Matt Giordano
Cristi Christensen


2:00 PM
Inside Flow Alignment
Matt Giordano
2:10 PM
Break with Music
3:00 PM
Inside Flow
Young Ho Kim
3:15 PM
Break with music, mixing drinks, conversation, Q&A and other specials
4:00 PM
Soul Fire/Chakra Awakening
Cristi Christensen
4:30 PM

Next Quarterly Event

01 Jan 2022
Included in Membership
2pm - 5pm (CET)

❤️ Emotional Perspective

Feel strong and motivated to face your challenges.

💪 Body Perspective

Create strength in your body to support the stability of your movements.

🎓 Teaching Perspective

Learn different ways how incorporate the topic of strength into your Vinyasa and Inside Flows.