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December | Yin Yoga

About this topic

Yin Yoga is a slower-paced yoga style where poses are held for a longer period of time to target the connective tissues on a deeper level. This month's live sessions will give you an insight into this yoga style – but from a more modern perspective rather than the traditional yoga style. You will get a deeper understanding of what Yin Yoga is in a well-rounded 90-minute workshop and experience new approaches to Yin practices such as Yin Vinyasas and further inspirational practices.

❤️ Emotional Perspective

Enjoy the deep relaxing effect of Yin Yoga that brings you in a meditative state to access your mind on a very deep level.

💪 Body Perspective

Experience how Yin Yoga is different from more Yang styles in that it helps you to reach your connective tissue and let go of muscular tension.

🎓 Teaching Perspective

Get inspiration for more Yin-focused yoga classes to bring some variety to your teachings if you usually practice more Yang-based styles. If you're already familiar with Yin Yoga, you will learn new approaches and perspectives to bring a new twist to your classes.